Darey: 'If it were up to me, I'll change the name' singer speaks on The Headies

The 'Praise for me' singer is of the opinion that the organisers of the Headies awards could use a little freshness by revamping the brand. Darey Art Alade who was a major winner at the Headies 2016 speaks on giving the image of the Headies a new outlook.Speaking with Linda Ikeji’s Blog, the ‘Orekelewa’ singer bears his mind on the Headies, which over the past two to three editions has been marred with controversial moments."I think it is one of our foremost award shows. They have been around for over a decade. I remember hosting the first one about 10/11 years ago. It is one of the biggest reference points now alongside other award shows in terms of gauging the success or tempo of the music industry." When asked what he would change if he could about the Headies organization as a whole, he responded saying he will probably give the award show a facelift in terms of the award plaque being given and the name of the award itself."Well, I have seen a lot of growth. But it gets to a point where you might want to re-organize and re-strategize and come out bigger and better. Maybe it is at that point, that is what I personally feel. If it were up to me, I don’t know but maybe I will change the name, change the look, and maybe change the award plaque itself. After 10 years, you know, it’s just like if you own a house, after sometime you might want to give it a new paint job or you want to change your furniture. The house is the same but you might want to break some walls, redecorate. So yeah, maybe if it was up to me, I could do all that." On the relevance of the Headies, Darey thinks he is not in the position to determine that, but would go on to say that they are doing the best they can."I’m not in the position to decide or determine whether it is still relevant or not. What is important is that, they are still doing it and doing the best they can," he says.
Source: Music Buzz

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