Adekunle Gold, Simi, Falz: “No forget” video continues the musical triangle among three stars

Adekunle Gold, Simi, and Falz

This love triangle that Simi, Falz, and Adekunle Gold are operating is beneficial because of what it does for their careers. What is wrong with ‘No forget’ video? What is the concept of something so disjointed that it feels like a work with very little in terms of progression and cohesion.Adekunle Gold is out with the video of one of the most loved songs off his debut album “Gold”. The song which is a duet between two lovers, is pure gold among the romantics, with Simi and Adekunle finally taking their alleged love affair to the studio and creating beautiful music.

The video which was directed by Clarence Peters for Capital Dreams Pictures, seeks to give visual interpretation for the song.Clarence Peters employ all of his cinematic skills, with the visual crisp and defined. The cinematography is top notch, with camera angles diversified for the best takes at every position. The picture was exquisite.  But it is the storyline that leaves fails to match the picture technique.

Adekunle Gold, who plays the role of a hustling young man, goes head to head against Simi’s mother. He is deliberately made to look haggard and poor. He is given a tongue-lashing for his station in life by the mother who the script limited her diction to a long stretch of Yoruba. The video had no subtitle for the Yoruba spoken, and would leave many non-Yoruba speakers unable to follow the narrative.Adekunle Gold leaves the scene distraught after the ego-bruising encounter with his head bowed high, while Simi’s protestations against the ill-treatment of her lover falls on more resistance. Both characters are seen as poor and struggling. But immediately there’s a switch to the, and Adekunle Gold becomes rich. His outfits change, he owns a rather clean bike, and spoils Simi with trips to the moon and back. The end has him departing in search of wealth, as Simi’s heart stays intact and swells with love.

Adekunle Gold ft. Simi – “No Forget”

What does this do?

Right from 2015 we have been spoiled with the music narrative of Simi and Falz working it out together in art and in life. And although there have been consistent reports of Simi and Adekunle Gold being in  a romantic relationship, they have never admitted it publicly or via music. But Falz had been in the picture, singing, shooting videos, and performing with Simi, while Adekunle Gold fielded questions in interviews about the details of the relationship.

Falz The Bahd guy

In 2016, Falz and Simi finally marked this era of their collaboration with a defined project titled “Chemistry” EP. Produced by Sess, the duo explored different scenarios of love and enjoyed massive support on it, which gave them more material for live performances.Now it’s 2017, and Adekunle Gold is back with a bang. ‘No forget’ marks the first time that the alleged lovers would work together on a song, although Simi had done all the engineering on Adekunle Gold’s album. This is their first released recording together, and you can’t help but wonder how much of the single is personal. All of this is good. This love triangle that Simi, Falz, and Adekunle Gold are operating is beneficial because of what it does for their careers. It creates music for everyone involved, generates content for the news, and increases the amount of press that each individual gets. That’s a win that many artistes can die for.
Source: PulseNG Music Buzz

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