Marquise Jackson Says His Dad 50 Cent’s Music ‘Hasn’t Been Too Good’ Lately

It looks like 50 Cent’s relationship with his son will not be mend anytime soon. Marquise Jackson recently released a song called “Different” which many people think is a diss track to his father 50. 

Marquise Jackson – Son of 50 Cent
The song has lyrics like “Starting to think n**gas is the ones that’s out here catching their parent” and “Lost my pops, he’s still alive.”
Marquise denies the song is about his father and saying the music is just helping him cope with things that he’s currently going through. “This is not a diss to my father at all. People are making it a diss, because they want it to be a diss, but it’s not,” he told TMZ.

Don’t expect a father son collaboration anytime soon, asked if he’d work on music with his father, he had this to say.
“I don’t know! His music hasn’t been too good lately. He later added, “I don’t know if you people just hold him to a higher standard than usual, but his music hasn’t been too good lately.”

5o Cent. Source: NyMag

Source: SA HipHop Mag

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