PlayDataCharts – The official charting service of actual played songs across ALL radio stations.

How do we chart music?

The PlayData Monitoring Service monitors all radio stations in your region and PlayDataCharts charts songs by number of plays. PlayData is an innovative broadcast/media monitoring tool that provides play count reporting for multiple broadcasters in real time.

All charted songs must exist in the Playdata library, which includes over 100,000 songs that currently air on radio. New songs are registered for monitoring upon release.

PlayData also requests that music publishers and content creators register their music for monitoring and charting by uploading directly to PlayData for free at www.PlaydataNG.com

PlayData is currently tracking all the radio stations in Nigeria. As the footprint of PlayData increases, PlayDataCharts shall include new locations. You’ll be notified as new regions are added. This is why we ask that you please join our mailing list today by entering your email on the sidebar to the right.